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You are signing up for STEAM that is a full 9 month program that coincides with our Preschool program.   

  • $50 month

  • $50 monthly

  • $40 monthly

  • $40 monthly


Terms & Agreements

Contract Terms:
* Registrations fees or non-refundable.
* The contract tuition period is a full nine-month course. Monthly tuition is paid in nine equal monthly payments due on the 1st of each month (prior to services being rendered.) We understand and agree to pay an automatic late fee of $15.00 if paid after the 5th of any month, and a $1.00 per day fee of any unpaid balance due after the 5th of the month, plus court costs and reasonable attorneys fees, with or without suit, incurred in collecting any past due balance, and a collection fee equal to 50% of the outstanding balance. We understand that there will also be a $25.00 Returned check fee, ACH, debit card, or credit card declined fee with late fee penalties that will be charged in the event that there are insufficient funds. You will be contacted if any you incurred any fees. Please make sure you keep us updated on any changes to your account. We do not prorate tuition for vacations or extended absences from school.
*There is a 30-day written notice is required for withdrawal from school. We also understand that if we withdraw after the 1st of the month that there will be no reimbursement for tuition in that month, and the total month of tuition is due.. We only allow mid-year withdrawal due to medical conditions and family relocations. For any withdrawal for other concerns, you will still be responsible for tuition until we fill your student’s spot.
* Late pick up for your student will incur a $1.00 per minute after 5 minutes. 2 free late passes will be given. Please be aware if your carpool is late, this will use your pass.
*By signing below, I agree to abide by the policies and procedures detailed in this contract and parent orientation. Written and electronic copies may be viewed at the school prior to enrollment and parents receive a full orientation in August.
*I authorize the teachers and staff of Smarty Pants Preschool to obtain emergency medical/dental care for our child at our expense. We further authorize the owners and employees of Smarty Pants Preschool to administer emergency first aid in the event of an injury or illness to our child, as well as emergency transportation if needed.
*In consideration of Smarty Pants Preschool, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Smarty Pants Preschool, its owners and employees, and property owners, of all damages from all claims of any nature by your child or by his or her parent or representative while on our premises or in classes.
*We give permission for our child to participate in escorted walks outside and the use of playtime at the facility and surrounding area. They will be escorted by teachers and have guided play outside.
*By signing this document below, I do hereby authorize Smarty Pants Preschool to release my child to the above listed emergency contact persons in the event I am unable to pick my student up from school. I release Smarty Pants Preschool from any and all responsibility when such persons take my child from the preschool premises
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